About Us

We are a modern, fully equipped baby education day-care specialising in babies aged newborn to 4 years old.

Our philosophy aims to ensure that each baby/ child receives individual care and attention.

We offer a specialised daily stimulation program in a home-from-home environment.

Our happy, safe and secure environment helps to provide working parents or parents that just need that morning off to get their groceries and errands done, with the reassurance that their child is nurtured and stimulated.

Half and full day options are available to suit your needs and balanced meals are home-cooked for our little ones.


Safety at Sunshine Babies is of the highest priority. Our premises are enclosed, CCTV monitored and secured to avoid undesirables entering without staff awareness.

All staff members hold current First Aid & CPR certification and we have a comprehensive first aid kit and a current list of all children’s allergies posted in the classroom.


Each baby has their own labeled cot as well as changing table.

There is a separate milk kitchen which includes sterilising equipment.

The play area is well equipped for a stimulating environment.

Each baby takes home a daily Baby Diary listing the stimulation exercises done for the day, the amount of bottles drank, the amount of hours slept and nappies used etc.

Daily routine schedules are maintained for each child and we encourage parents to spend time with staff to discuss their child’s play each day. Our toddlers follow a weekly learning theme which is sent home every week to keep parents up to date.


We pride ourselves on preparing the most balanced and nutritional home made meals and snacks daily using freshly sourced ingredients – after all, it’s hard work being a baby!

No salt is added and sugar is kept to a minimum. Any reasonable special diet can be catered for.

Meals provided are breakfast and lunch, a healthy mid-morning snack (provided by parents) and afternoon snack. All drinks are also provided, except for formula milk.

Babies 0-12 months are fed on baby’s own schedule and children 1- 4 years as per school schedule.

Our milk kitchen includes bottle warmers, ensuring our babies get their bottles at the right temperature.

Our kitchen is maintained to a high standard both in hygiene and cleanliness. Our menu is adapted to best suit the changing nutritional needs of our babies with the change of each season.

We know that your growing baby needs nutritious, wholesome meals, prepared with care, to help fight infection and grow up healthy and strong, and that good eating habits formed early in life pay numerous dividends later on.

**Sunshine Babies Daycare is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance**